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Edin Zenun

Strangers And Conman 

20.05.- 20.06. 2021


photography Manuel Carreon Lopez

There were those, who lived in the cross space,

There were people lighting candles,

There were people going crazy,

There were those, who walked the beach,

What war is that, what time could this be?

There were those, who didn't run,

There were those, who couldn't take it,

There were those, who stayed in the city,

What was it, where did it go?

There were those, who laid their bodies down,

There were those, who took our knifes,

There were those, who kissed the grey skies,

There were those, who only knew only the sound of their own voices

Colin Statson, a dream of water




The smell of concrete is haunting Europe.

With Strangers and Conman, the painter Edin Zenun, born in Skopje, enters sculpture and

installation for the very first time. Rhizomatic interwined elements are characteristic for Zenun’s

work. Dark poetics approach questions around lost and rewritten narratives and histories.

Juxtaposed is the archaic aesthetic of the former yugoslavian architect and urbanist Bogdan

Bogdanović, to the merciless happening of the redevelopment project Skopje 2014, which changed

the cityscape drastically. A Simulation, after Baudrillard- an Agony of the Real.

Conman, the concrete steals, hint nostalgia behind the modernist materiality of a lost city.

Which narratives survive and which ones will be erased?

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