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Hannah Hansel
Nice Game
20.02.2020- 15.03.2020


Hannah Hansel shows small scale paintings. 

The works comprise fragments and parts of captured imagery. Rather than the paintings being incomplete, contents of the existing are left as traces of movement on the canvas. Floating and escaping into nothingness, nevertheless creating a steady line in composition. Hansel’s paintings are rhythmical and evade the need for pictorial harmony and disharmony. Seemingly simple surfaces slide onto an edge, leaving a focal point and blurring the line between the eery and the familiar. Hansel’s process of painting incorporates direct contact with the canvas, sometimes without a brush, by directly applying via smearing and spraying onto the surface. The artist is neither in the foreground nor in the background, though equalising the in-between of the work and viewer.


Hannah Hansel (b. 1989 Frankfurt am Main) lives and works in Vienna. She received her diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 2019. Recent exhibitions include Fuel Safe Vienna 2019, Parallel Vienna 2019, The Poet is a pretender Frankfurt am Main 2020.






Photography Manuel Carreon Lopez

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