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with works by Jools Rothblatt and a reading by Anne Schmidt's Novel MED
11 November 2022 - 17 February 2023



Absence of Attitude brings together Lucia Stamati’s series of selected works from a collection of over 300 pieces, produced over the past three years and paintings by Jools Rothblatt.
Drawing from advertising, fashion and popcultural imagery screenshotted from instagram, the visual content wanders around spotting and tracing through Lucia Stamati’s autobiographical filters, memories and perception of her everyday routin in North Kensington London- a so called psychogeography of the mind.

Her works are produced in a stream of consciousness and combine Stamati’s highend art education with the fact of visiting art therapy over a year and her wild life on the margins of society in the instiutionalised system.
They hang similar to laundry between houses on a cloths line jumping straight out of the postcapitalist washing machine, coming from social media and going back to the streets.
The pieces work through stereotypes of womenhood like the pigeon lady or the mermaid. We see several protagonists living their different lives. It’s a patchwork of times and sceneries.

‘My paintings are all attitudes and guts’ Jools tells me and I am wondering if they can ever be absent or get lost.

Lucia Stamati (*1986, Munich)

2016                                        UCL, London History Art
2010- 2011                              
Central Saint Martins College of Art, London,

2007 - 2010                             Sculptur Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Class Amelie von Wullfen


Vienna                                     Solo and Group show, HHDM

                                                Group Show Through Puberty to Success Suzie Shride x Shore

Berlin                                       Group Show After the Butcher, Class Amelie von Wulffen Art Fair
Los Angeles                            Paramount Ranch

London                                    Group Show Brixton MarkeJt                       


Jools Rothblatt ( * 1991 Los Angeles)

2014                                       BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2014
Los Angeles.                          Solo show Paintings at Monty Bar, Artists Projects Group show The City / La Ville, Chez Anonyme Group                                                    show Anxiety 2, HVW8 Gallery
Curatorial work My Most Striking Feature is my Fist, Karma International, Fun                                                Hang, Karma International

Zurich                                     Panic Room III, Promo

Detroit                                     Eric Schmid is an idiot, What Pipeline


Anne Schmidt ( * 1990 Brandenburg)


studies with Julian Göthe at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.
Her book Novel MED was written in one week and tells the story of two people encountering a brief intense love rush.

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