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Michèle Pagel & Thomas Brandstätter

                                                            Tobias Lintl, Jenya Kukoverov, Michèle Pagel, Trink Floyd,
Merlin Carpenter, Beauties of the Night, Marian Luft,  AiDieDie, Apocalypso Mike, Szimon Raymon, Kinky Muppets, Anna Jermolaewa, Klemens Waldhuber, Ajukaja, Edith Karlson,
                                              Kalifornia Kurt, Rainer Grilberger, Simon Walterer and Ann Muller.

24.September- 29.September 2019

Parallel Vienna 

Opening Times: 

24th  September 2019  5PM – 10PM 

25th September 2019 – 29th September 2019

12AM –7PM

Lassallestrasse 5

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