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Line Finderup Jensen


Opening: 04th June 2019, 19:00 - 22:00

05th June - 10th June 2019
opening hours 16:00 - 19:30

curated by /afk: Martina Menegon, Shahab Nedaei

Suzie Shride
Girardigasse 10
1060 Vienna

The exhibition OLD HABITS invites us to discover a parallel reality presented via a series of simulations that explore the dynamics of human interconnections in the context of family, neighborhood and workplace.

Line Finderup Jensen autobiographical approach shifts from a personal to a collective experience of narrative throughout her selected works. Using the Virtual as an artistic medium and form of expression, Jensen embraces digital artifacts and imperfections that arise during the creational and computational process and use these ‘digital misrepresentations’ to underline the grotesque of the ordinary.

Line Finderup Jensen, born 1991 Denmark.
With a background in video and animation from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, she is working as an artist and freelancer within film, 3D simulation and interactive video. Using new media, Line is testing out the possibilities of representing our surroundings and modes of traditional narratives. Her work has been shown at Kunstraum 21, Leipzig, Hellerau, Dresden and Parallel, Vienna.

Image © Line Finderup Jensen, Killjoy 2018

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